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JIO is continuously making Indians’ lives better and simpler. Here is another product by JIO that is JioMart. With the help of JioMart you can simply order all your groceries along with dairy products, vegetables, fruits and many more and it all will get delivered to your home. There is “NO” android or iPhone mobile application launched by officials, so there is only a way to access JioMart as of now by directly visiting the official website “”. You will find many android applications pretending to be JioMart applications, but you will end up with guidance and tutorial apps if you try to install them. This JioMart is a web application and google chrome provides you a feature to add it as bookmark on your laptop or mobile phone. So that using it you can directly visit the official website without typing the website address in the address bar. It is a very convenient way to access JioMart.

We assume that most of you have already placed an order on JioMart app or about to place one. For those who have not placed an order yet, we will guide you step by step on how to place an order at JioMart in short. First step before registering on JioMart should be, enter and pin code and check if JioMart is delivering orders in your area or not. As this product is still in (Beta Testing) launching phase and not activated all over India. After confirming order is deliverable in your area you can follow the below steps.

  1. Register yourself and then sign in into your account.
  2. Enter your detailed address in the Delivery Address section of Your account area.
  3. Select your product and add them into the cart.
  4. Checkout using a valid payment method.
  5. And your order will be placed successfully.

So, till now this is half the story, it completes when the delivery boy comes to your provided address and delivers your order. In between of this you may go through thoughts like, how I can track my order, what is estimated delivery time of getting order delivered, what if there is delay or issues in order delivery. Now we will answer all these questions in the second half of this article below.

Not able to see your recent order in “Orders” section

This is not a panic situation; you can stay calm and relax. You will need to wait for some time so that JioMart can confirm your payment. Once your payment is confirmed you will start seeing your order under the “Orders” tab under your account section of JioMart web app.

What is the expected delivery date of my JioMart order?

At the time of checkout, you may have noticed there will be a note in the upper bar mentioning your expected delivery date of your order. No worries if you have ignored it or not able to remember it. You can directly go to your account section and then click on the “Orders” tab. After payment confirmation which generally takes up to 20 mins, you can see your order details here. And it will also show you information about expected delivery date.

How can I track my JioMart Order?

You may receive timely messages on your registered mobile number about your order status. But if you wish to check manually then again you have to go to your account and then go to Orders section. There you can find current status of order like if it has been shipped or ready to ship or out for delivery etc.

What to do if Order is not delivered on Expected delivery date?

You may face a situation like this that your expected delivery date is already gone but still you haven’t received your order. As JioMart is new in the eCommerce market and in beta version. As we all know we are going through Pandemic Covid-19 which has impacted all business very badly, this also could be a reason for delay. No need to be panic, you still can wait for another day for your order else you can contact official website support by following 3 ways to resolve your query.

  • Step1: Call Customer care

You can call JioMart customer care for enquiry about undelivered order at 022 61 220 220.

  • Step 2: Send an Email to official support email ID

In case you try to call customer care and it is not responding or keeping you on waitlist. In that situation, you may try to send an email to the official email address “” with order details.

  • Step 3: Post a Tweet on Twitter with

This is a unique and quick way to connect with customer care support of JioMart. You simply tweet about your order delay issues at @JioMart_Support. Customer care support will try to respond to it as soon as possible.

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