JIO Phone 3 Launch Date & Price Prediction in India

JIO Phone 3 making buzz all over India, as there lots of question buyers wanted to know including when it will be launched and what will be the expected price. So, we are going to cover all most asked questions.

The JIO Phone series one of the most selling phones in non-touched screen category in India, as per report more than 5 crore units sold of first version of JIO Phone and more than 2 crores JIO Phone 2 sold out in India. now, everyone is waiting for JIO Phone 3 to launch as soon as possible and expected to have touch screen, as first phone was launched with basic feature and less application support, but later they made improvement in 2nd version, in which they added new application support such as WhatsApp, bigger screen, qwerty keypad, better camera and more apps support. JIO basically listing to their customer, so maybe this year we will be seeing touch screen JIO Phone and maybe having an android operating system.

JIO Phone 3 Launch Date

The most expected to date of JIO Phone 3 was August 2019, but there is no update from officials. Main reason behind postponed to year 2020 will be the low response of JIO Phone 2, as the previous model was getting huge response, in which customer was waiting for more than 2 to 3 months. there no official update from JIO phone launching and if they were planning to make announcement in August 2020, then that date will not be under consideration right now due to corona virus. To launch touch phone JIO Phone need to partnership with existing smartphone company or else they need manufacture by own, but due corona virus all operation such as import export is shut down and no one knows when this lockdown ends. So may be JIO now thinking about next year, so most probably JIO Phone 3 will launch in August 2021.

JIO Phone 3 Price Prediction

Applying simple theory following of JIO company in price range, in which the first phone was pricing at Rs.1500 and then second phone is selling at Rs.3000, so each phone they having difference of Rs.1500. so, addition this average price to JIO Phone 2 price then JIO Phone 3 will cost Rs.4500. as this will be great deal for people who wanted to have budget phone. The starting price of budget phone from top smartphone company in India, but Redmi Go is selling at price Rs.4200 and this phone expected to be big competitor for JIO Phone 3, so they must be changing their price tag or have to skip launch of JIO Phone 3 instead.

JIO Phone 3

Specification & Feature

If JIO phone 3 ranging between Rs.4000 to Rs.4500 then there are lots of specification and feature they need to improve starting with screen size at least phone should have 5-inch HD display. Camera primary camera should be 12 MP and front camera must be 4 MP with flash support. Processor must be quad core with 1 GB Ram and 16 GB internal memory. Dual Sim support must be there and also need to consider about 5G, so they able to deliver this feature then only this phone will be another top selling phone in India, as currently in market there lots of choices available for those who having little bigger budget, so instead of buying JIO Phone 3 users will think better to increase budget and buy xiaomi or Realme phones.

Network4G Dual SIM Support
Camera12mp rear and 5mp Front
ProcessQuad Core Processor
Screen Type Touch
Display Size5-inch
Storage16 GB
Battery2800 mAh
Note: Above specification based on rumours.

Final Thoughts

There are thousands of jio phone customer sticking with older version, even they got upgrade option in which old phone exchange with new by paying only half of its price, as this possibly happen because of there is no big update seen in a newer version. The most noticeable changes they made WhatsApp, qwerty keypad and other some basic improvement and for this they charging Rs.1500, as per report number of user of this phone is mostly aged, so they used this device mostly for calling, so launching JIO Phone 3 will be another failure for JIO company, as they have launched JIO Fiber last year but not able to complete desire sales, so they are now more focusing on improving network, as they already cross 500 million active network user and trying to expand to gain more customer.


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