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JIO Meet is brand new audio-video conference calls application introduced by India’s Largest telecommunication company JIO. It has just launched after a week of Indian Government’s decision of banning Chinese applications. And JIO meet is obviously made in India app and this point is being strongly used for marketing their India based JIO Meet app by JIO. Officially Reliance JIO has launched JIO Meet app yesterday on 6th July 2020. Now anyone who is interested can simply visit official website of Jio Meet( and then download and sign up with either Jio mobile number or email id.

What is JioMeet?

In regards with Corona or Covid-19 pandemic, starting from this year, everyone started working from home even schools, tuitions and colleges also started conducting lectures online using video conference and meetings applications like  Zoom, Skype, Cisco WebEx and Microsoft teams. But there was no any trusted Indian application in this market, so JIO grabbed this golden opportunity and introduced audio-video conferencing app that is JIO Meet.

Let’s discuss further about how you can download and install it on your mobile, laptop and PC(Personal Computer). Also, we have provided initial users experience and reviews about this JIO Meet.

JIO Meet App Features

There are lot of features of JIO Meet out of which we have picked up a few which are really important and useful for regular user like employees or students.

  • Security :-

Each and every conference or meeting is secured with password.

  • Scalability :-

Meeting or Calls can be 1 to 1 and can be scaled up to 100 participants without any charges.

  • Unlimited Conference Calls :-

There is no limit cap on how many calls or meeting you can arrange with in a day.

  • Long lasting Conference Calls:-

A single Jio Meet conference call can last long for continue 24 Hours after that call will get disconnected automatically.

Apart from above this JioMeet app features it also has features like Safe Driving Mode, Waiting rooms and Active speaker views etc.

How to Download JioMeet App?

Here follow we have provided step by step guide on how to download and install Jio Meet App for PC, Laptop and smartphones.

JioMeet App Download for PC (Windows)

Copy and paste below provided path in new tab address bar and click enter. You will be promoted for downloading application click on yes or OK button.

  1. Once you finish with downloading installer file, open file location and run it.
  2. Once installation is finished you can login or sign up with Reliance JIO number or Email ID.

Jio Meet Download for MAC (MacOS)

You can simply follow below step by step guide to start using JioMeet app on your Personal Computer(MAC).

  1. Visit below official website and search for JioMeet
  2. Download and Install it in your MAC PC.
  3. Sign in or sign up with your personal email Id or Jio mobile number

JioMeet App Download for Android Smartphones

Below are 3 steps to download and install JioMeet application on any android smartphone.

  1. Open Google PlayStore app.
  2. Search for JioMeet
  3. Install and sign up with your reliance JIO sim(if you are using JioMeet 1st time)

Jio Meet Download for iPhone Users

Kindly follow following guideline in order to install Jio Meet app on your iPhone.

  1. Open iOS Store Apple Market application.
  2. Search JioMeet app and Install it on your mobile.
  3. Sign up and then login using your Jio Phone number or any personal email id.
Jio Meet

JIO Meet Review and Ratings

There are around more than 1 lac android users have downloaded JioMeet app from Google PlayStore. Out of which almost 4000 users have rated this Jio Meet app at average more than 4.5 stars out of 5. This means users are happy after using one of the first made in India Video conferencing app that too by India’s proud telecommunication company JIO.

There are both good and bad reviews by early adapters for this JioMeet application. But most of users are satisfied with the performance and features provided by Jio Meet app. Here follow we have listed down some useful reviews in both good and bad categories.

  • Pros of JioMeet App :-
    • Good quality audio-video experience
    • Free (up to 100 participants) and Unlimited Calls
    • Security and Waiting room are very strong and protect your privacy
    • One of the first Made in India Video Conference calling App
  • Cons of Jio Meet App :-
    • High Bandwidth Usage
    • PC version of this JioMeet app is not very smooth
    • Missing Chat options like other conference apps including Teams, Skype etc.

JIO Meet


Video Calling
User Interference
Group Calling


The Free Video Conference & Meeting App manages to give competition to Zoom and other Meeting apps then JIO Meet will be user all over the world for sure.


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